Its The Small Things


Im so overdue on here. I haven’t written much. Not because of having difficulty finding balance in my life to do so but just because its been such an amazing and busy year so far. So many testimonies and God moments.

I want to share one quick testimony of how God shows His faithfulness in even the smallest things-a concert.

God is sooo good. So this past Tuesday, August 27th, I prayed that morning to God that if I’ll get in for free to a Red concert, then I’ll go. If not, I’ll just stay home. Ive been tracking this concert by the way ever since I found out that this band was playing. I’ve been following christian rock band-Red since 2009 and it was something I really wanted to do. Also,  was feeling really hopeful to connect with some fellow rock “redheads” there. I wanted to go with friends but the concert being on a Tuesday night left me rolling solo lol. So anyways, the day of, after I prayed, nothing came up on Facebook for free tickets. I could have canceled after that realization but I felt I had to walk by faith even though nothing was happening. Around 5pm, I was trying to push myself to go to this event but felt the drive wasnt worth it because it was too far so I just became sluggish in getting ready. I was hoping God would reveal something clearly to me around that time but nothing. But I still walked by faith. During the car ride, there was actually a lot of traffic. I had an option during the journey to turn back or just go to Indiana and visit one of my best friend’s, Maggie. I was also having these thoughts come in like, “I don’t really fit in this crowd. Why am I going to this event?” But I  continued to walk by faith. I made it to the event and as soon as I walked in, the security guy asks for $18. I pull out my cash and was about to give the man my money and then a sweet man named Frank walks to me out of nowhere and randomly gives me a free ticket. 🙏🏿 Wow, talk about walking by faith and not by sight! God came through at the last minute. Literally. If I was dependent on “seeing” I wouldnt have seen the power and glory of how God provides and the ways He shows His children that He loves them in the little things that night🙏🏿

Im so grateful faith won over sight that day.


Faith Moves Mountains…

I want to open up this new year- new chapter of my life, by truthfully walking in faith. Faith is where I need refinement in especially during this current season I’m at now. I need to trust God with my feet not just my feelings. May God help me to walk by faith and for my faith not to be shaken by the uncontrollable moments called life. God is still God and still faithful.  So with that, toast and cheers to a faithful, miraculous, and joyous 2019!

Here is a short sermon devotional below by a pastor I closely follow. Tony Evans has been a huge encouraging voice to me these past 3 years and I’m grateful to see God continue to bless him with more and more wisdom. Be blessed as you watch.

Click here to view short video- Faith Moves Mountains