Can we start again..?

And I remember everything; everything I loved. I gave it away like it wasn’t enough. All the words I said and all You forgive. How could I hurt You again?

Lord, what if I let you in?
What if I make it right?
What if I give it up?
What if I want to try?
What if you take a chance?
What if I learn to love?
What if, what if, we start again?

All this time, I can make it right with one more try.
Can we start again?
In my eyes, You can see it now. Can we start again, can we start again?!?

Emptiness inside me, wonder if you see it’s my mistake and it’s hurting me. I known where we’ve did we get so far? What if, what if, we start again?  Oh Lord, I’m lost inside; this pain I feel without You.
I can’t stop holding on, I need You with me!!!
I’m trapped inside the pain. Can we never love again?
I’m lost without You!!!

                                                  ~ By Red~

I’m reminded of your unfailing love oh Lord. When I am led astray you bring me back home. Thank You for being the God of many chances. Many times have I abused your grace but your unfailing loves reigns. Your grace reigns above all my failures. Your grace surpasses my understanding.  And for that I’m grateful….



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