I came across a sermon by Billy Graham entitled, “Communicating the Gospel”, back in 2010 that has still to this day, opened my eyes not just to how I minister the gospel but also the ability to embrace that its okay sometimes Ola to be umm “simple”.  “The great communicating agent is the Holy Spirit. No matter how wise or weird your words appear God still uses you. Paul could have gotten a monkey to gather a crowd; yet he didn’t have a gospel monkey, for all he knew was Jesus Christ and Him crucified. He didn’t use his intellectual thinking although he had it. You see your words don’t have to be profound. Just preach it with simplicity. If it is backed up by light and power God will use it” (Billy Graham). The apostle Paul, in the bible further elaborates on this sermon and demonstrates that it is all the grace and power of God. 1 Corinthians 1 v.18-31 and chapter 2 v.1-5. I love these verses!

So whats the bottom line? Don’t be discouraged and compare yourself to others who are more intellectual then you are. We have to realize that whether we are wise and profound or just plain simple; the Holy Spirit is at work. Its in Him that our words can have effect and not us so let us not be deceived and rely on our own pride and power. Its in Him that He makes everything beautiful. All this for His glory! So Ola, don’t be afraid to be simple…..

~Simplicity is the opposite of complexity~    ~Simplicity is used to imply beauty, clarity, and purity


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