My Heart Strings Come Undone

                    I remember where it all started….. a child riding alone in a bus gazing at a sign that marked the start of a journey. A sign; a message loosening the ties of my heart. A message marked in five words…”Christ died for our sins”. Words so impelling causing my heart to soften. A message so staggering causing my peering heart to know more. More. And so, one encounter; one bleak morning…I found God. It amazes me how You lead me deeper than I perceive. My only means of knowing You more is with an unveiled heart. My heart strings have come undone and I journey through this continual pursuit of knowing You. I continue in it, with much passion. As a child born inquisitive to its surroundings so I continue in this path…configuring the heart of You. My heart strings come undone…..     

composed July 8th, 2010


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