25 Things You Don’t Know About Me….

1) Born and raised in Chicago. But I claim Nigerian American. 🙂 My parents and their family tree are from Nigeria. SAM_3217

2) I used to work at McDonald’s which I worked there for 2 weeks. I was on the verge of getting fired because my clothes weren’t properly ironed and because I was late all the time so I quit. 

3) Excuse my abrasive conduct of speech but I’m an egg slut. Seriously, I love eggs! Boiled and scrambled though. And I can eat eggs with anything and at anytime too. If I was a vegetarian I would be content with eating eggs all day.

4) I’m very shy. I get very bashful especially when the center of the conversation is on me. I am comfortable talking about others but me no no no. Something I have to work on. 

5) When I was little, I suffered a bad head injury and left me scarred under my chin. I still have the mark under my chin if you look closely at me. It happened when I was playing on the porch and I accidentally rolled over. I was sent to Weiss Hospital and at that time my parents were very poor and couldn’t afford the surgery. I had an angel that day. The doctor who took care of me and didn’t even know me covered the total cost for free under his insurance. I never till this day got to get his name but surely he was a gift from God. 

6) Favorite comfort food: plantains 

7) I love to reminisce. Whether its drawings, writings, pictures, or any collectible from the past. 

8) I almost drowned when I was 13 with one of my friends as we were swimming on lake shore beach Chicago. 

9) I got suspended countless times when I was in high school in 9th grade. Mostly for fighting and cursing back at my professors. Sad I know. Amazing how God changed me!

10) I had a long time crush on a guy from high school and every time he would walk past me that one song by Dru Hill, “Beauty” would come on. It was so bad lol…and embarrassing. For 2 years that song would nag me. I never got a chance to tell him how I felt…good thing I didn’t though. He has changed completely now and not for the good. God spared me!

11) Butter cookies from grade school was my all time high moment during lunchtime! Chicago public school schools woot! 


My carefree goofy side

12) I love love love to laugh. Its also a remedy to cease my angry moments 🙂

13) My fingers are double jointed

14) Growing up, My brother and me collected Marvel comics and cards along with the action figures. We still have this collection as I write. Our goal when we were young was to collect as much as possible and get rich selling them in the future. 

15) If I wasn’t a nurse now I probably would be an artist or writer. When I was young I loved to draw and was very talented. My brother and his friends would always compliment me that I had a future in the arts. My favorite skill was drawing while looking at moving objects like through t.v. and being able to put that into paper. 

16) When I was in my preteen years, my sister and me had an obsession for music group artist, New Kids On The Block. Our obsession was so bad that lol…it ran up our parents phone bill as we would keep calling their hotline. I can’t remember the bill that my father received when he found out we were calling like crazy but I remember the BEATING and HIS FACIAL expressions he gave us that day lol. And I also remember my brother sitting at the back chilling and laughing at us as we got BEAT. Ahh memories. 

17)  I love interracial relationships! I think its very unique and beautiful!

18)  Used to play the cornet(trumpet) and steel drums in high school. I was pretty good at it!

longue vie à paris

longue vie à paris

19) Last year 2012, I finally went to my dream country: Paris, France. I would always dream of Paris when I was little. 

20) I really don’t like airplanes. I rather do a long road trip than fly. 

21) I truly do love to smile. Its my weapon of choice when I want to make a grumpy person happy and 8 times out 10 it works 🙂

22) My favorite cuisines are Chinese, Nigerian, and American.

23)  I been to jail before 😦 yeah…for not having car insurance lol. It was at a holding cell at a local police branch. Not a state prison(that would be scary) 

24) I still believe in love…,,,you know…that Jacob and Rachel (Genesis 29) type love that shows love is worth laboring for…..worth sacrificing for.  Or rather, that Boaz and Ruth type love.

25) One of my favorite words is Serendipity; the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. This word has been a testimony of my life as far as how I met some of my closest friends. 
Thanks for reading!I found this fun to do actually considering I love reminiscing on things of the new and old. I love getting to know my fellow bloggers and friends so you all shoulddo this too.20130712_172950-1 I would love to read on some interesting facts about you guys. Be blessed!


2 comments on “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me….

  1. I’m glad I read this! Very inspiring! Keep smiling!

  2. belleola says:

    thanks!! I’m awaiting yours too 🙂

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