Giving is the best communication

I would like to say I’m one of the many perfect examples of what it truly means to be a blessed recipient of generous giving. When I was young, I suffered a bad injury that left me hospitalized for a few days. If I can just add, growing up in a family that underwent challenges of poverty, hospitalization of any sort was a big avoidance by all means. But who can predict the unknown right? I can imagine as I laid in that hospital bed what my parents were feeling being confronted with the realization that I would have to undergo surgery and if I didn’t be left with major complications yet not having the funds to pay. Definitely a hopeless situation. As my father shared this story, I thought I knew the end result…that the bill will just be turned over to collections and their credits ruined. But no, he told me that there was an Indian doctor whose care I was under who saw our great need and without hesitation paid my bill in full. My father doesn’t remember the full discourse of the conversation but he remembered that this man simply paid my bill in full. Wow.This doctor paid my bill rather than having my parents have to go through the hardship of finding a means to pay. No reward, no gain, and much sacrifice from his part. As I ponder on this I always think of what can cause this man to pay such a hefty price for someone he doesn’t even know. It leaves me so humbled. I share this attached video to go along with my story because I’m reminded of the beauty of giving. I don’t know any further details of this doctor that paid my bill other than the fact that he was Indian. I wish I knew his name. I tear as I write because this man doesn’t know and may never know how much of a big impact he has stamped in my heart through his sacrificial giving. I’m forever grateful. When I think about how God works I sometimes laugh. I laugh because this doctor had no idea of the seed he was implanting in my life through his obedience in serving me. He had no idea that one day I would walk in the same area of profession as he and serve others. Now, I am a nurse and I just tear and laugh. I’m so happy he lived out the principle that it is truly blessed to give than receive and this video just illuminates this in great volumes. Thank you Lord for giving truly is the best communication! My encouragement to my readers is to give! Give and serve others when there are no rewards or gains from it. You never know how God can bless your diligence.


3 comments on “Giving is the best communication

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  2. Cristina says:

    Very beautiful and deep testimony. May God bless that doctor and keep you to be a light in this dark world! ❤ thank you for sharing

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