Rethinking Your Type

“At this point in my life, I want to be so in love with a person’s mind that by the time I look up, I have no choice but to accept their appearance. I no longer turn around when random men ask me for my number on the street. They don’t know me so why are they interested? If they’re only attracted to my looks, we have nothing to discuss. For this reason, I find it funny when women go out to find a man or when men go out looking for women. If you are searching for a serious relationship, what makes you think you’ll be able to identify it with your eyes? If you’re not looking for a meaningful connection, therein lies the problem. I believe that if God wants to bring someone into your life, He’ll introduce you to them”…..what a great article!!!


This post comes in response to a post by Antoine Edmonson. In his article, “We Look Cute Together,” he shared his thoughts on physical attraction, true happiness, and the stark divide between the two. Although I haven’t yet figured out what role romantic relationships play in a Godly lifestyle, I know for a fact that they are supposed to be more meaningful than what the world has been suggesting. According to society, beauty is skin deep and love can ignite at first sight.  Hopefully, you haven’t been buying into this age-old myth that has fabricated insecurities and inspired genocides.

As a short haired, all natural African American woman, I have to remind myself every day that I am beautiful. I am constantly wondering if guys find me physically attractive and if I’ll ever be considered wife material. Thankfully, I know that my worth isn’t found in my looks or…

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3 comments on “Rethinking Your Type

  1. makiah-isms says:

    Thanks for reblogging, sis! Keep up the good work!

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