He will carry me

I remember that night vividly before I first came across this song by Mark Schultz. I was on the floor of my small studio apartment crying out to God in desperation. It was the year 2005. I was crying out to God to save my lost family. I tell you I cried that night like never before. I still remember that void I experienced as I wrestled with God. It was a painful night and I was in need of Him to come to my aide and relieve me of my distress. Tired from my cries, I immediately slept and woke up the next day late afternoon to this beautiful song. Wow. I can honestly say that God orchestrated that specific moment of time for me to awake from my sleep and specifically catch the last few minutes of the song before it ended. After I heard, I was on a manhunt for this song haha. But it was like God’s direct answer I believe to my cry for help. My God is amazing! He consoled my heart that day and reminded me that even in the midst of my pain and struggles, He is carrying me. He will hold my hand through the storm, I only need to be still. I’m in awe of how my God works! I’m in awe of how he can use the simplest of things to comfort His children. He used a man named Mark Schultz to pen and sing these lyrics that would someday grab a hold of my weary heart. He used music that day. His ways surely aren’t my ways, they are better. To Him be the glory. I hope you can find encouragement through this song and that these powerful lyrics resonate deep within your own heart. 

~Psalm 94:17-19


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