What if..

What if every tear you cry will seed the ground where joy will grow..#NothingIsWasted



Thank you Pastor Francis Chan for your words on marriage with a right view and biblical focus. All things point to Jesus. Even the pleasures of this world can never replace the focus of Jesus. Everything leads to Him. May our eyes be kept Heavenward….(article link below)

“Being in war together may be what keeps us from being at war with each other.”

Prayer: Notes From “Alone With God..”

Prayer was not to be used just for emergency appeals; it was to be used as an unbroken conversation built around a living, loving fellowship with God.

Our lives should reflect a continual commitment to the constant exercise of prayer. All that you learn about God should drive you into His presence. Make that your goal as you take every aspect of your life to Him in prayer.

Continual, persistent, and incessant prayer is an essential part of Christian living, and it flows out of dependence on God.

Martyn Llyold-Jones wrote, ..”a man discovers the real condition of his spiritual life when he examines himself in private, when he is alone with God.”

-Quotes taken from John MacArthur- “Alone with God: Rediscovering The Power and Passion of Prayer”