My Broken Hallelujah..

Prayer, sacrificial love, waiting on the Lord,  the beauty of being alone with God, confession, cultivating a spirit of surrender: all these spiritual disciplines I see God refining in me. I’m so grateful that as my relationship with Christ grows, He reveals new and even old treasures to awaken my soul. Even when I’m in my moments of stagnancy, He continues to teach, mold, and encourage me. I see these life lessons manifest itself even more through the life of my dear sister who is going through so much opposition and captivity now. She has been in the crux of my prayers and part of my being. She is one of the miracles of deliverance that I’m waiting for God to bring to pass. She is one of the reasons why I am waiting patiently on the Lord. She is one of the reasons why I am being still before His presence. This trial between my sister and me is what has been shaping us. Most of my dark valleys, my walks through the fiery furnace, my passing through the rivers have been shaped through my moments with my sister. Through perseverance of this, I honestly have to thank my sister for making me into the woman I am today even though I wish she wouldn’t have chose the route she did. If God were to allow me to choose a trial to strengthen my character I wouldn’t want this. But God’s ways are not my ways. There is purpose through everything and with what God allows, whether bad or good, he always turns it to bring Himself glory and strengthen up His people. I even see the work Christ is doing in my sister’s life. Despite my sister’s brokenness, I see through her perseverance in this that she is a fighter. Through her poor choices, she still has a fighting mentality. For my sister to go through what she has and see what she has seen and still manage to look up with a smile and say, “I love you” I know Christ is not done with her yet. Its only a matter of time until I see deliverance. Until then, I continue to offer up my broken praises unto Him. Although I still wrestle from time to time with these circumstances, I still catch glimpses of hope and see the maturity and redemptive power that He is displaying within me and my family.  I see the growth in my faith and my awareness for my Savior more and for that I’m forever grateful.



Isaiah Oludare

A few weeks ago, I got to share a piece of my testimony about Isaiah live on Moody Radio with Kurt Goff. He asked a question of which we had to fill in the blanks, “Because Jesus lives…” and what that meant to us.  I was able to share briefly that because He lives, nothing is in vain. There is purpose in everything. Through my trials and joys there is meaning that leads me to hope. Amen. Well, the last few months of 2014 have been a very trialing time for me. My greatest test was walking with my sister through her unplanned high-risk pregnancy  and dealing with the unknowns. Regardless of this, I stood by my sister’s side through it all and I am grateful to witness one of the greatest births ever; my precious nephew being born-December 6, 2014. All glory to God.


I had the privilege to name him and wanted a name that symbolized his journey coming to this world. I named him Isaiah-a biblical name meaning, “the salvation of the Lord” and his middle name Oludare-meaning, “God has not forsaken us” in Yoruba.(My Nigerian tribe and language)  Sure enough those words would have great meaning to his life and would take us all through a journey of faith, grace, and restoration. Isaiah has gone through many trials after birth battling with his diagnoses of short gut but God has not forsaken this precious boy and our family. He has used this boy to be a light and point of hope to all those in contact with him especially me. Such a miraculous baby. Isaiah is a fighter!

I’m realizing the great joy of sharing  with others what Christ is doing in my nephew’s life and how his miraculous life is changing my family and me. Once I started opening my heart to others true healing began. God has shown me A LOT of spiritual lessons over this past year and has truly refined my prayer life. I believe one of the reasons he brought Isaiah into my life was to save me from my selfishness. He also used Isaiah to bring my family closer. This story is still being refined and I just have to trust in God. One day at a time.

I’m now proud to say that after 16 months stay in the hospital recovering from his previous surgeries, he is finally coming home this month!!! 20160402_204443 He has come a long way! I can’t believe this is the same boy 16 months ago. A few prayer requests: Please pray for Isaiah’s continued healing from short gut and that he will began to eat by mouth. Also, remember my dear sister as she is still going through some hardships that make her unable to care for her child and lastly pray for this new transition in my life as I step up to care for him. God’s grace is sufficient. He has brought my family and me this far and He will continue to walk with us. I’m excited at how God is going to work. May God continue to do some awesome Romans 8:28’s in our lives. Amen.


I want to close this testimony  with celebration. A few weeks ago, my dear friends from Indiana and Tennessee threw Isaiah and me a surprise welcome baby party! It was totally unexpected. I wasn’t expecting the surprise. I was just going to pick up a crib but got more than that lol.  Here are some photos from my surprise and the friends that made it happen:

PicMonkey Collage

I’m grateful to call these gals my second family. I love them so much. Godsent. 

The beautiful decorations done by my friend Maggie.



I was really surprised. My heart is still full of joy!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg1

With Love,