Are you happy?

“…in the Christian heart that is sensitive to the sorrows of the world, happiness will always be intermingled with sorrow. How this looks will probably vary from personality to personality, but in this fallen world, true spiritual happiness — that is, Holy Spirit-given happiness — will always be experienced as conflicted and not perfectly harmonious.”

“This tension between sorrow and joy is not merely a tension, but a design by God to make our happiness deeper and purer. It’s not like they’re just in competition, but one of them is serving the other.”

“…since joy and faith are interwoven inextricably, the fight for faith is always a fight for joy.”

“I would say also that all the failures of my life, I think, can probably be laid at the feet of failures to be happy in God.”

Some quotes from a recent blog entry on joy and sorrow by John Piper. This message gave me some good insight and encouraged me tonight. Link below:

Link: Desiring God blog- “Is John Piper Happy?”


Opening song for this new year..


Grateful to open up the new year 2016 with this song. May God always be the center of my joy and may I continue to seek His righteousness. All for His glory. Such a beautiful song. Well done Ruben.